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Run Beyond is all about empowering young people 'beyond' the finish line. Check out these interviews with a few of our graduates.

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Here's some words from some students, teachers and community members who have been involved in The Run Beyond Project...


“Throughout this journey I’ve been given opportunities I never would’ve thought of having before. I’ve made friendships and unforgettable memories; accomplished goals; received awesome freebies; and met some very inspirational people. A lot of this wouldn’t have been accomplishable if it wasn’t for the help of teachers and support from the community. If you were to ask me to run 10km 4 months ago I would’ve died at the thought (not literally), but that was me then. The me now would be able to run that 10km I never would’ve thought of doing. It’s not impossible. Have a goal? That’s great. But what are you doing about it? You are capable of doing so many things if you put your mind to it.”
(Marissa – 2016 Graduate)

“The RBP has been such a positive experience for me and I
believe in myself more now than I ever have.”
(Manar – 2017 Graduate)

“It’s something that I will always talk about and … that I recommend other people to try because it changed my perspective on the world.”
(Mohamed – 2016 Graduate)

“Thank you so much for the great opportunity that you gave all the students and teachers…I learnt so many things about running, sills, friendships and everything…We are all so grateful for the great experience…The Run was challenging but through those trainings I learnt to push through…Thanks heaps [f]or everything you did for us all, I don’t know what to say, thank you isn’t enough…”
(Poppy – 2019 Graduate)

“I am now more motivated…more confidence to take new steps to reach my goals”
(2020 Graduate)

“I learnt to be confident and I should never give up.”
(2020 Graduate – Chester Hill High School)

“I have learnt not to give up when things get tough and keep going until I get what I wanted to get. Another thing I have learnt was to set goals for myself not only in running but in anything you want to achieve.”
(2020 Graduate – Chester Hill High School)

“I now know what it feels like to be part of a team.”
(2021 Graduate – Nambucca Heads High School)

"The Run Beyond Project have given (my son) so much inspiration and drive to succeed! What a great team to be a part of. (He) has absolutely loved being part of the team! Thank you!"  
(Parent comment, 2023)

“Can’t thank the project enough for giving her the confidence to believe in herself and her abilities.”
(Parent comment on our Facebook Page, 2019)

“We are very impressed and grateful for the Run Beyond Project for allowing this opportunity for ____. I think she has truly enjoyed this opportunity and she hopefully has found a new focus and outlet that will help boost her self confidence and reduce her self doubt.”
(Email from parent, 2019) 



“The Run Beyond Project has given students opportunities to set and commit to goals they would have never otherwise believed attainable. Through the training and experiences in the program they have developed their confidence, self-belief and a love for running that has made a positive impact in their lives. These skills are transferable to the classroom and the completion of assigned tasks.”
(James – Teacher, 2019)

“I have seen that the Run Beyond Project has improved all participants’ confidence and self-esteem and has allowed them to set goals that they may never have done before”
(Mel – Teacher, 2018) 

“I’ve been involved with The Run Beyond Project for 3 years now and it really is life changing for the students who complete it.” 
(Michelle – Run Beyond Teacher. 2021)

Community members

“In 2017 I worked in ********** and I heard a lot about what you were doing. The son of one of my clients was training with you. What you did turned his life around. Actually you made a difference to his whole family.”
(Facebook message from a Disability Service Provider, 2019)

Congratulations on a terrific, impactful charity and I am so pleased to support it in a small way. (Alicia – Supporter – 2020)